Class Detail - Legionella Basics

Hours: 1 hours
Cost: $25


TCEQ Course Code 1656


This one-hour course is primarily designed to provide the necessary training for individuals who are holders of: Water Operators, Wastewater Operators, Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT); Customer Service Inspector (CSI); and Water Treatment Specialist (WTS) licenses. During this course the participant will gain the necessary information and understanding of the basics of Legionella bacteria and why it is a public health risk. During this course, the participant will learn how to protect their water and wastewater systems from Legionella bacteria and how to determine control strategies to mitigate the growth of this pathogen. The participant will also learn how to develop water management plans to better manage their system.


Completing this course also provides 1 hour of continuing education credit for the following licenses:

  • Customer Service Inspectors (CSI)

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers

  • Water Treatment Specialist

  • Water Operators

  • Wastewater Operators


Note:  This is a self-paced course. After registration, students will receive login credentials and a link to access the course. The course will not be considered complete until all the activities have been completed. A minimum score of 70% is required for quizzes taken after each section. A student is able to retake the quiz if needed or schedule a 1-1 virtual meeting with an instructor for clarification.


Per 30 TAC 30.28(p)(1), a student will receive training credit for this course only once in the license renewal period even if it is repeated.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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