Change is inevitable. With the increasing demand and scarcity of freshwater, Hardin & Associates is prepared to assist cities, utilities, and special districts of all sizes navigate the increasingly complex challenges such as protecting public health; meeting local, state, and federal regulatory requirements; safeguarding the water environment; and addressing public expectations.

Our water services include:

  • Pipelines
  • Treatment Facility / process design
  • Master planning
  • Design of treatment facilities and processes
  • Pump stations
  • Pipelines


As society’s waste stream grows more extensive and complex, preserving public health and the environment requires thoughtful innovation in wastewater engineering and treatment processes. Hardin and Associates provides a variety of services for the development and upgrade of wastewater systems.

Our wastewater services include:

  • Biosolids master plan, solids handling, and reuse
  • Sewer main design
  • Emerging and innovative technology application and development
  • Wastewater systems planning
  • Facilities optimization, upgrades, and expansion
  • Nutrient reduction


Safe and efficient roads are vital in connecting people and places, spurring economic development and growth from coast to coast. Adequately maintaining your road infrastructure is essential to preserve and enhance those benefits. At Hardin and Associates, we are well-equipped to address any task related to roadway design.

Our transportation services include:

  • Interchange and intersection geometrics
  • Utility relocations
  • Traffic control, ITS,
  • Structural/bridge design
  • Retaining walls and related features

Alternate Water Systems

Urbanization, population growth, industrialization, and water-requiring energy productions are creating huge competition and demand for good quality and potable water resources. Among the strategies to deal with scarce water quality resources in urban areas, alternate water systems (AWS) have been proven to be one of the most effective. Through our partnership with WaterCentric, LLC, a leading provider of AWS, Hardin, can provide design and implementation services for your facility.